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Aluminum hydroxide

Aluminum hydroxide

Aluminum hydroxide, the chemical formula Al (OH) 3, is a hydroxide of aluminum. Aluminum hydroxide can react with acid to form salt and water and can react with strong alkali to form salt and water, so it is a kind of amphoteric hydroxide. Chemical formula Al (OH) 3, is a hydroxide of aluminum. Is a base, because it was a certain degree of acidity, it can be called aluminate (H3AlO3), but the actual reaction with alkali generated is meta-aluminate Salt, so it is usually regarded as a monohydrated meta-aluminate (HAlO2 • H2O), according to use is divided into industrial grade and pharmaceutical grade two. Aluminum hydroxide is white powder, the appearance of white crystalline powder, non-toxic, tasteless, good liquidity, high whiteness, alkali, iron content is low.

Aluminum hydroxide Usage: Aluminum hydroxide is the largest amount and the most widely used inorganic flame retardant additives. Aluminum hydroxide as a flame retardant can not only be flame retardant, but also to prevent smoke, do not produce drip, do not produce toxic gases, therefore, access to a wider range of applications, the use of the year also increased.

The products are mainly used in electronic and electrical potting materials, epoxy resin casting materials, plastic molding materials, electrical insulation devices, molded grating, glass fiber reinforced plastic pultrusion, hand lay-up FRP, thermosetting plastics, thermoplastics, carpet mounting latex foam, High-grade optical glass, wire and cable materials, foam materials, high-performance adhesives, fire retardant coating, fire board, water purification agent, fluoride salt, desiccant, artificial marble, marble, glass fiber, glass fiber, , Artificial Agate, Resin Crafts, Glass Mosaic, Unsaturated Polyester Resin, Ink, Ceramics, Ceramic Pigment, Rubber Insulation Material, Rubber Composite Insulator, Copper Rubber Conveyor Belt, Plate, Epoxy Insulation Board, Flame Retardant Paper, Catalyst Carrier, synthetic rubber, various types of molecular sieve, concrete quick-setting agent, building materials, quick-setting fillers and other functional polymer products.

The use of aluminum hydroxide (CAS No.: 21645-51-2  MF:AL(OH)3

1 aluminium hydroxide as water treatment, catalyst and catalyst carrier. 
2 aluminium hydroxide flame retardant in resin, synthetic rubber and plastic industry.
3 aluminium hydroxide in glass industry to increase whiteness, transparency, glossiness and brightness.
4 aluminium hydroxide in production of waterproof fabric, printing ink, paper filler, wires and cables.
5 aluminium hydroxide as mordant in dye/painting industry for its strong adsorption capacity of coloring matter.
6 aluminium hydroxide as ceramic material.

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